How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Colorado

In addition to 13 other states, Colorado has passed laws legalizing the use of
medical marijuana. The state now offers qualified patients to receive their
medical marijuana card, entitling them to the legal use of medicinal marijuana.
Most states that have passed laws legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana
REQUIRE you to obtain a medical marijuana card. To get your medical
marijuana card in the state of Colorado, you must obtain a Medical Marijuana
Registry identification card from the Colorado Department of Public Health and
Environment. To meet mmj card requirements in Colorado, the following
information must be submitted to the state:

- A completed New/Renewal Application for Identification Card
- A copy of your Colorado driver’s license or state ID card
- A non-refundable $90 application fee (check or money order made out the
the CDPHE)
- The physician certification form completed and signed by a doctor
licensed to work in the state of Colorado

Since marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, it
can not be prescribed by a doctor, and can not be acquired from a pharmacy. To
be eligible for a medical marijuana card in Colorado you must be diagnosed with
a debilitating medical condition (such as cancer, glaucoma or HIV) or be
diagnosed with conditions such as chronic pain, chronic nausea, seizures, or
repeated muscle spasms. Mmj card requirements in the state of Colorado also
require written certification from a licensed physician stating that they believe the
use of marijuana will alleviate you from pain and suffering endured from your
condition. Mmj card requirements in Colorado require applicants under the age
of 18 to must submit a written declaration from the applicant’s primary caregiver
that they will act as the applicant’s primary caregiver and give consent to the use
of marijuana by the applicant.

Although the sale of marijuana is illegal in the state of Colorado, marijuana
dispensaries (‘pharmacies’) do exist, and as long as you’ve met the mmj card
requirements, you will be able to obtain your medical marijuana card and
purchase your marijuana at these dispensaries. If you have any questions
concerning the use or sale of marijuana, seek out advice from your doctor or an
organization familiar with Colorado state laws and statutes.

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Getting Started In The Business Of Medical Marijuana In Colorado

Medical marijuana in the state of Colorado has been legal since 2000, after
Amendment 20 passed with 53 percent of the vote, but only in the past year has
the business of medical marijuana gotten underway. Since the state of Colorado
decided to decriminalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, medical
marijuana business in Colorado is flourishing! The friction between state and
federal laws has created a bustling industry in Colorado, with enterprising men
and women creating businesses to provide services doctors can’t. The state
even offers medical marijuana schools you can attend, which teach students the
business behind medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. As medical
marijuana laws in Colorado prohibit pharmacies to supply medical marijuana, the
doors are opened to an entire other business – and attending a medical marijuana
school in Colorado is the way to get that education!

Medical marijuana laws in Colorado not only prohibit pharmacies from stocking
medical marijuana, but also prohibit physicians from prescribing marijuana.
Patients must either grow their own or purchase it elsewhere. Many Colorado
doctors fear federal reprisal for recommending marijuana, so specialized clinics
helping people become legal cardholders have opened their doors, thus creating
a thriving medical marijuana industry. And attending a medical marijuana school
in Colorado is a great place to get started!

The medical marijuana business in Colorado needs educated individuals to be a
part of the thriving industry. Colorado opened its doors to the first medical
marijuana school, approved by the Colorado Board of Higher Education, with its
own Denver campus – Greenway University educates students on how to grow,
sell and distribute medical marijuana. Medical marijuana schools in Colorado
offer you the information you need to enter the booming business of medical
marijuana, and If you are interested in learning more about medical marijuana
business in Colorado and medical marijuana laws in Colorado, visit, Colorado’s first and only approved and regulated
school, focused entirely on educating students on the business of medical
marijuana in the state of Colorado. This website is dedicated to all the latest
news, information, and cultivation updates available. Greenway University has
provided countless numbers of professionals looking for the tools and and
information they need to participate in the growing business of medical marijuana
in Colorado!

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Choosing A Marijuana Dispensary In Colorado

After obtaining your medical marijuana card in Colorado, you’ll need to purchase
your marijuana from a Colorado Marijuana Dispensary. And with the
overwhelming number of new marijuana dispensaries opening across the state of
Colorado, it’s tough to know where to start. The first step is to identify all the
dispensaries that are in close proximity to where you are. Once you have a list of
the dispensaries in your area, do specific searches for each dispensary – use
keywords in your search, like “review”, or “the best in…”. And finally, visit the
dispensaries which suit your needs the best, and see for yourself! Do keep in
mind, however, that since the market is still so young, there isn’t really an
industry standard when it comes to the operation of a medical marijuana
dispensary in Colorado.

Your first impression of a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado will probably
be the waiting room area where you’ll need to provide your Colorado medical
marijuana registry card – most marijuana dispensaries in Colorado don’t require
you to make an appointment, but it’s good to call ahead in case the bud viewing
room is full. Overall, the most important part of the dispensary is the viewing
room. Make sure you ask to see the Grade-A, top-rated product first – if it
satisfies you, you may have found your new ‘pharmacy’! But as a general rule,
check out at least three dispensaries that came up in your search.

Over the past few years, the medical marijuana industry has grown to be the
fastest growing industry in the state of Colorado. Medical marijuana dispensaries
in Colorado have generated 7.34 million dollars in revenue from application fees
alone, creating a rapidly-growing industry in medical marijuana. There are
roughly 105,000 medical marijuana patients in Colorado, which breaks down to
about 150 patients for every dispensary in the state.

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado offer patients not only marijuana
itself, but marijuana-infused products – some patients prefer to ingest the
medicinal properties of marijuana versus inhaling it. Most dispensaries offer oils,
balms, sprays, baked goods and butters. Cannabis butter is used to make foods
such as rick krispie treats, brownies and cookies – most medical marijuana
dispensaries in Colorado offer baked goods like these.

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Colorado Marijuana Prohibition on Your Show

Jessica Corry appears on Your Show to discuss Marijuana Prohibition in Colorado with DIstrict Attorney Don Quick and Adam Schrager.
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Medical Cannabis Testimonies: Tom of Colorado

I met Tom in a campground on the other side of the Rockies, as Journey for Justice 7 was making its way west. Tom suffers from manic depression & bi-polar disorder as the result of experimental medication he was given for the treatment of severe acne. He is also a cancer survivor. Cannabis allows him to function normally. As a lead carpenter, it helps him to be productive & focused. To view all our Medical Cannabis Testimonies, please visit our website at, and to view our legislative reform, go to and
Video Rating: 5 / 5

I videoed Ken in his home, where he also ran his legal grow. At the time of this video, Ken had over 100 patients. Ken was On Ken was a very well known Colorado activist & instrumental in the passing of Medical Cannabis legislation in his state. February 17, 2007 Ken was mortally wounded in his home by an unknown gunmen. To view all our Medical Cannabis Testimonies, please visit our website at, and to view our legislative reform, go to and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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President Obama on Medical Marijuana

President Obama speaks out to protect medical marijuana patients and growers rights.

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KDVR-Medical marijuana regulation bill passes first committee hearing.avi

DENVER – The first attempt to regulate Colorado’s medical marijuana industry has passed its first test at the Capitol. The Senate Health & Human Services Committee voted 6-1 Wednesday to back a bill aimed at preventing doctors from issuing medical marijuana recommendations to recreational users. Around 150 people packed the Old Supreme Court chamber at the Capitol Wednesday morning and nearly 60 testified during a hearing that lasted more than four hours. Read entire story here:

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Colorado Chronicle Episode 2 — Blueberry Kush and Cannabutter!

Episode 2! I review some local Blueberry Kush and talk about Cannabutter! Feel free to send bud shots to be featured on our show to

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BioDiesel Concentrate Strain Review (Denver Relief) Gil goes to Colorado to do a strain review with Adam from Denver Relief, who is the resident expert on Biodiesel!

RevolutionNews.US ~ Medical Marijuana Study in Colorado Springs – Maybe the cannabis cream cured Brett Strauss’ thyroid cancer. Maybe it didn’t. There’s no proof either way. All Strauss knows is that in January, tests on five tumors in his neck came back positive for cancer. Two months later, after regularly putting cannabis cream on his neck, the tumors were found to be benign in a post-surgical biopsy. He’s become such a believer in the medicinal properties of marijuana that he wants to give people who are terminally ill an affordable way to try it. Beginning Wednesday, he’ll pay for people with terminal illnesses to go to Colorado Compassionate Physicians for a medical marijuana recommendation, provide them with free or at-cost medical marijuana if they can’t afford it, and even shuttle them to Denver so they can get a waiver for the state fee, if they’re eligible. “It’s really neat what happened with my cancer, but the real story is giving back and taking care of people who have cancer or AIDS or some other terminal disease,” he says. Strauss, 39, is no stranger to medical marijuana. He started using it not long after his first surgery for thyroid cancer in 2007, mostly for pain associated with the operation and for digestive ailments. He then opened a dispensary, and he and his fiancee started an investment company last year to invest in other medical marijuana enterprises. In December, he moved his business, LAKK Investments, into a building near Centennial

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Medical Marijuana March Denver DNC 2008

Medical Marijuana March during Democratic National Convention. Organized by Citizens for Safe Access Thursday August 28, 2008 (45th anniversary date of Martin Luther King’s ‘ I have a dream’ speech). Started in Lincoln Park down Colfax Ave to Invesco Field (Mile High Stadium). Ends at the ‘Freedom Cage’ the protester fenced area, which allows the closest access to the Delegates. March organizers did not choose to enter the ‘cage’ an a few stragglers continued inside (you’ll see why).
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Colorado Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana

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Recently Raided Lake Orion (Michigan) Medical Marijuana Grower Dies

Sal Agro, the Lake Orion man who spoke out about police last week after an Aug. 25 medical marijuana raid at him home, died Thursday. Mr. Agro speaks about how the masked police told his wife that “This was just to get the state (Michigan) off their butts to make some rules”. His death was caused by a heart attack, family members said. He had recently had hip surgery. He was 67. After the raids, Agro, a retired GM worker and beloved Lake Orion sports coach, walked through areas of his home to show where police had torn apart beds and clothing, looking for marijuana, he said. Mr. Agro was born on Jan. 30, 1943 in Buffalo, NY to Carmela and Michael Agro. He was in the US Air Force for four years, his family said, and moved to Michigan in the mid-1960s because he was stationed at Selfridge Air Force Base in Harrison Township. He married Barbara Weaver in 1965. The couple has three children, Michael (Cherie) of Colorado, Anthony (Dianne) of Troy and Nicholas (Jennifer) of Lake Orion. He is also survived by his grandchildren Kara, Amber, Joseph, AnnaGrace, Carson, Addison, and many nieces and nephews.
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Rob Corry Youtube HB 10-1284.wmv

Robert Corry discussing Colorado House Bill HB 10-1284 at the Medical Marijuana Business Alliance meeting on May 20, 2010. Corry discusses the important deadlines, 70% requirement, paper trail, department revenue, medical marijuana center, primary caregiver, and 5 patient

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The Reefer Report: Medical Marijuana News for November 4, 2008

Angela brings medical marijuana news to YouTube
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